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When I learned to love and respect my body I became a much happier woman
Are you ready to free yourself of negative body image thoughts?  GREAT!  I knew you would say yes :)  I am going to give you a 5 step plan to get there.  

This is going to be a fun and rewarding journey for you...notice I said journey, not destination...this is not a destination.  Just like anything new you learn in life, it takes time and practice.  So be easy on yourself and allow yourself to be present when you are going through the 5 steps and know that you may go through them several times.   It's also always something you can come back to down the road should negative nelly show back up!

Most important thing: Don't be your own bully.  We have a tendency to tear ourselves down and fill our beautiful head with negative thoughts...this is a coping mechanism that so many women use to numb out the stresses in life instead of facing them head on and working through them.  

Not only do we become our own bully, society has pounded in our head that we should look a certain way.  Just pick up any magazine you will likely be triggered to have some kind of negative self thought because of that "picture perfect body" staring back at you. Just think, before Jennifer Lopez was famous big booty was not seen as attractive or "popular" and now women are getting implants so they can have the look of big booty.  Ladies, we were not all meant to look the same but we are all beautiful in our own unique ways.  
Basing your self worth on your body will only lead you to feeling unhappy. Learning to appreciate and love your body will not only make you happy, it will build confidence and leave you feeling like the sexy hot mama you are!  

What are you waiting for?  Download my 5 Steps To A Better Body Image and get started on your journey today!  

Download 5 Steps To A Better Body Image!
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